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Greenly Irrigation System,  leading drip irrigation automation and Sprinkler irrigation system integrator and service provider. We offer complete water management systems for Industrial, and Agriculture applications from Chennai and operates in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andra pradesh and Karnataka

We distribute Irrigation Automation system products from Niagara Solutions brand and cover entire spectrum of service from Drip irrigation, precision farming, micro irrigation, sprinkler irrigtion, hydroponic and greenhouse farming services.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation system
Greenly Irrigation Systems, the Leading high-quality Drip irrigation system supplier in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. We supply at an affordable cost. Our products are preferred by farmers as it offers the best cost per hectrare. Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of many different plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the foundation zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. It also gives farmers an efficient and simple way to operate their farms.

Irrigation Automation System

Irrigation automation
Irrigation system automation is a multi-purpose system delivering water from the source to water application on individual fields. The operation of the system with no or just a minimum of manual intervention besides the surveillance. An automatic portable pump controller helps you switch ON-OFF pumps from a remote location for your convenience at your office or home. An automated irrigation system works with no or just a minimum of manual intervention besides the surveillance. 

Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler irrigation system
Sprinklers are suitable for application and usage in all types of gardens, landscaping, fields as they provide appropriate coverage for small to large blocks of land. The Sprinklers are adaptable and suitable for use on nearly all types of irrigable soils as they are available in a wide range of discharge capacities. However, Sprinkler Systems can quickly clog due to sediments or rains, and large Systems incur high capital investment costs.

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What are the advantages of automatic plant watering system

A automatic plant watering system is a network of sprinklers or drippers connected to the timers and sensors helps in automated running for gardens, farms. Advantages of the automated plant watering system includes the following. Why these advantages of the automated plant watering system is not considered while selecting the right watering system. At Greenly […]

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Sprinkler systems and drip systems

What is sprinkler irrigation? Sprinkler irrigation refers to a method of applying irrigation water through a combination and connection of various pipes and pumps. The water is sprayed into the air with the help of sprinklers that breaks the water molecules into small droplets which fall on the plants and soil. The pump supply system, […]

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Moisture and Humidity

What is Moisture? Moisture refers to the presence of a liquid in trace amounts. Generally, moisture is directed with water when small amounts of water may be found in different aspects. Moisture can also vaguely refer to the water vapor present in the air. The tiny droplets of water can be in the air on […]

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Our Products

Transmitter and Receiver

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver designed to operate as an Automated Irrigation Control and Security System with Wireless Messaging and Voice control option. Here, the transmitter has to be installed, and the receiver will be connected with the motor/submersible mainly to turn on and turn off the motor according to the Tank status.

IoT Irrigation

Leading supplier of high-quality IoT irrigation system products at affordable cost. Our IoT-based smart irrigation products are preferred by farmers for rigidity and all weather-proof operations. The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere.

Water level Monitor

Niagara Solutions manufactures and distributes IoT based water level monitoring system. We distribute our water level monitoring devices throughout Tamil Nadu, India. An automatic wireless water level controller becomes a critical factor that further reduces human intervention to avoid wastages.

Fertilizer Controller

Smart Fertilizer controller systems keep the fertilized irrigation water separate from the outside environment using backflow prevention devices, chemical spill trays, and physical separation from the surrounding ground, significantly reducing the risk of excess chemicals leaching out of the system.

Valve Controllers

Niagara Solutions manufactures and distributes drip irrigation and smart irrigation valve controllers which can be operated wireless. We distribute our valve controllers throughout Tamil Nadu, India. The Valve controllers help to switch on and off motor and valves simultaneously. We can use the solenoid valves to irrigate their farm.

Irrigation Filters

Niagara Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Irrigation filters at affordable prices. Farmers and farm managers preferred our drip irrigation filters. Appropriate automatic self-cleaning filters can help to extend the life and improve the maintenance of any irrigation system.

Pressure Devices

Niagara Solutions manufacture and distributes wide variety of pressure devices like Irrigation Pressure sensors, pressure relief valve, reducer and regulators. Pressure sensing technology is used to pressure environment monitoring in agriculture, and a basic pressure sensing system is designed.

Irrigation Control Panels

At Niagara Solutions, We offer a wide variety of Irrigation control panels based on our customer requirements. Normally, regulating water levels can consume electricity and wastewater. Through an automatic water pump controller, the overfull and dry run is controlled.


Niagara Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Irrigation accessories for Drip Irrigation, Micro Irrigation, Smart Irrigation, and other Irrigation automation systems. With our wide network of dealers and distributors, we serve our farmers and customer with speed and efficiency at at affordable price.
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Our company’s main objective is to provide a complete water management automation system for the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors.
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