June 24, 2022

Automatic irrigation system using IOT

A Smart Irrigation System has a wide scope to automate the complete irrigation system. At Greenly India we are committed to building an IoT-based Irrigation System using up to date technology and latest innovations. Our systems will not only automatically irrigate the water based on the moisture level in the soil but also send the Data to the farmers and users to keep track of the land condition. The System will consist of a water pump which will be used to sprinkle water on the land depending upon the land's environmental condition such as Moisture, Temperature, and Humidity.

Importance of automatic irrigation system using IOT

Agriculture is the major source of income for a majority of the population in India and is major contributor to Indian economy. However, technological involvement and its usability, development have to be grown still and cultivated for agricultural sector in India.

We are the leading manufacturers and distributers for these systems for controlling our garden activity independently from any end of the world, we can monitor Realtime data on the screen of our mobile, plus we can understand various environmental sensors from this tutorial. With the help of IOT, we can control our garden/ farm appliances, so these are some important features of automatic irrigation system using IOT.

IoT is changing the agricultural practices and empowering farmers to fight with the huge difficulties they face. It gives farmers the opportunity to develop themselves and make them tech-savvy by being a driving force in updating the conventional and traditional practices to align with modern day inventions.

There are various advantages to using these systems such as:

• Control the drip irrigation system in an automated fashion, but still, turn on individual zones manually when needed which helps in saving energy and water costs.
• High levels of flexibility and these systems can be adapted regardless of the size of operations or location.
• Be extendable to any number of zones relatively easy.
• Should work Autonomously by sensing soil moisture levels requiring little to no manual labour.
• Should be Inexpensive to install, but must be reliable with low maintenance and repairs costs.

Features of automatic irrigation system using IOT:

To understand the overview of automatic irrigation system using IOT

A completely automated system can perform the following task: It has 2 modes; one is manual and the other is the self-mode. The farmers can choose which mode is suitable for which period of time and choose the mode appropriately.

• In manual mode the farmers can monitor the real-time status of the environment of our garden like its carbon-di-oxide rate, temp, soil density, moisture levels, etc, In this mode, the farmers also can control the appliance on our choices or depending upon the current situations.
• In a self-mode the system will become independent from its owner's operation, it can perform its work on its own, simply it will handle itself Smartly based on the current situation. This is the mode of automation where there is no manual intervention and the working is independently practiced.

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