May 6, 2022

Greenhouse and Polyhouse

What is a greenhouse?
A green house refers to a building designed for the protection and growth of plants that may not be currently in season or are exquisite in nature to a particular location. A green house helps in protecting the plants against excessive cold and heat as well as pests and pathogens. The origins of a green house structure can be dated back to the 17th century where ordinary bricks were used with a small portion of ventilation space with a few added means of heating.
With a progression in technology and development in the agricultural landscape the green house structures have become much more sophisticated with the use of glass, wood or metal frameworks. Later, the green house technology advanced into automation and developed from mere environment control to creating an artificial environment that is extremely conducive for plant growth.
There are various types and sizes of green houses. It can be commonly stated that large green houses are more actively used for agriculture, horticulture and botanical science study and research while smaller greenhouses can be used for domestic planting by hobbyist, home gardeners and collectors.
A greenhouse traps heat and light hence creating a warm temperature for the air, water and nutrients. Naturally, the light of the sun is allowed to flow into the greenhouse. If the heat provided by this thermal energy is more than what is required, the cooling systems that are installed are activated. However, if this thermal energy is not enough even after being trapped and reflected using aluminum panel, the artificial heating systems that are installed can be activated. Both these options help in creating the perfect temperature for the plants to grown in.

What is a poly house?
A polyhouse refers to an enclosed structure that helps in promoting plant growth by creating an artificial environment extremely similar to the environment of the natural growth habitat of the particular plants that are cultivated in them. A polyhouse is a subset of the green house concept where specifically a polythene sheet is used as a covering material within which crops can be grown are in either a partial or fully controlled and automated environment.
Since this method of farming using only polythene sheets and gives the desired output very similar to a glass structure of green houses, it is more commonly used and available in India. The materials of making for a polyhouse are much lower as compared to a greenhouse and is hence preferred by most farmers.
However, the durability and strength of a polyhouse is relatively lower than a green house, which give the green house an advantage of having a longer life and sustainability that polyhouses. Green houses can be entirely automated while there a certain restriction for the same in a poly house.
Choosing if a poly house or green house is better for the farmer is based on various factors such a budget, maintenance expenditure, locality, labor costs etc. It is best to seek professional guidance about choosing the right mode of farming based on these external factors.

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