April 3, 2022

Industrial Greenhouse

Industrial Greenhouse

What is an industrial greenhouse?

An industrial greenhouse refers to a type of a greenhouse that helps in the production of plants- greens, flowers and crops that are to be sold for commercial purposes.

Types of industrial greenhouse:

Greenhouses can be classified based on their type, shape and style. The cross section of a greenhouse is what determines its width and height while the length is perpendicular to this cross section. There are 6 main types of green houses that can formed between the combination of the cross section and the length.

  1. Lean-to Greenhouse:

This type of greenhouse is built when the greenhouse is placed against the side of an existing building. The existing structure is used as one side of the greenhouse which is built adjacent to it. It is generally attached next to a house and is enclosed with an extended roof made out of appropriate covering materials. These types of greenhouses are limited to 2 to 3 rows with a total width of 7 to 12 feet.

It is south-facing to ensure maximum sunlight is available for the crops. It is extremely cost effective and has easy access to electricity. With a reduced roof support structure, it gives maximum sunlight to the plants. This type of greenhouse is best for a small business or a part time industrial trade.

  • Even span greenhouse:

The even span greenhouse is the standard and full-sized structure. It has 2 sloping roofs made out of glass and of equal pitch width. This design is used for small greenhouses and is constructed on a levelled ground. An even span greenhouse is also attached to a house and can accommodate 3-4 rows of plants.

An even span greenhouse is costlier than a lean- to greenhouse but has much more flexibility with designs and provides more for plants. This greenhouse will cause more heat due to the all-glass structure. A separate heating and cooling system may be required in certain cases.

  • Uneven span greenhouse:

These greenhouses are generally constructed on hilly terrain. The roofs are of uneven width making the greenhouse adaptable to the hilly surroundings. The main disadvantage of this greenhouse is that very little automation is possible and hence it can not be remotely controlled.

  • Ridge and furrow greenhouse:

This type of greenhouse uses multiple ‘A’ shaped frames that are connected with each other to provide one big interior for the plants. The shape of the panels provides a furrow for rain, melted snow and other liquid wastes to slide. This reduces labor, automation costs and improves personal management. Since there is less heat escaping through the walls, fuel consumption also reduces largely.

This type of greenhouse is largely suited for the Indian climate and has already show saucerful results in Europe and Canada.

  • Saw tooth greenhouse:

These greenhouses are similar to ridge and furrow greenhouses with an added provision for natural ventilation. Specific natural ventilation systems can be installed based on the size and location of the greenhouse.

  • Quonset greenhouse:

This refers to a greenhouse where pipe arches are supported by pipe purling running along the side of the greenhouse. Polyethene is the material generally used to cover the greenhouse. These greenhouses are generally cheaper to construct that a saw tooth or rigid and furrow greenhouse and are useful when a small isolated cultural area is required. Truss members overlap and allow a bed of crops to grow between the overlapping portions of the adjacent houses.

With the use of standard structural parts, simplified erection techniques and a modern line of production industrial greenhouses can be constructed cost-effectively and can be extremely helpful with industrial levels of farming and agriculture. Our personal one-on-one service and commitment to innovate designs provides you with the best experience of green housing

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