May 6, 2022

Polyhouse subsidies

What is a poly house?
A poly house refers to a sub set of green houses that is specifically made with polythene films which are used as covering. This design is much more cost effective as compared to a green house as it uses a less expensive material compared to glass. The structure and functions are however extremely similar to a green house and its main object is to create an artificial micro environment that is conducive and promotes plant growth.

Average poly house profits for various crops for a one-acre construction:

  1. Turmeric- 14 lakh INR
  2. Tomato- 12 lakh INR
  3. Cucumber- 9 lakh INR
  4. Ginger- 15 lakh INR

Why are there poly house subsidies in India?
The climate patters in India are frequently changing and are often unpredictable. This causes uncertainty among farmers and leads to a reduction in the output levels that can ideally be achieved. Inventions like the poly house and green house were formed based on this and help in solving a major problem that is faced by farmers in India. Poly house cultivation is being promoted by the state governments in India as it is the largest private sector contributing to the economic activity in the country. There subsidies make the input cost for farmers extremely low and affordable which promotes them to learn and adapt to poly house cultivation which will show higher results than traditional farming in the long run.
The Horticulture board of a state of NABARD branch in the state helps in assisting farmers with the process of availing subsidies for the construction. The national Horticulture Mission under MIDH guidelines provide subsidies to farmers in various arenas.

Farmers can claim up to 80 percent subsidies in the following states:
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Karnataka
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Tamil Nadu
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Telangana
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Maharashtra
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Kerala
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Uttar Pradesh
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Gujrat
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Haryana
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Tripura
• Polyhouse construction subsidy in Nagaland

A 50 percent subsidy is provided for the project cost and farmers can avail the same to establish the poly house structure. Apart from this, every state has its own scheme where an additional subsidy between 15 percent to 40 percent can be availed. This makes the total available subsidy range between 50 percent and 90 percent.
In Himachal Pradesh the state government has declared an 85 percent subsidy to farmers who are interested in constructing poly houses. This subsidy will boost the development in the agriculture field drastically. If the poly house is damaged due to any natural calamity, then 50 percent subsidies will be provided to replace the polythene sheets after 3 to 5 years post instillation.
If technical standards are met, non-impaneled vendors can also build poly houses. The government has introduced a Mukhiya Mantri Nutan Poly house project which aims to increase the land covered under poly house faming to 8.35 lakh hectors and increase the land area under micro irrigation to 8.20 lakh hectors.

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