February 25, 2022

Sprinkler Irrigation with Rain Gun

What Is Raingun?
A Rain gun is a high-performance miniature irrigation gadget and it is intended for an assortment of employments and applications where moderately high streams and broadened span of the water toss are wanted.
Rain gun sprinkler is accessible with a working strain of 2.0 to 7.5 kg/cm2 and stream of 3 to 30 lps. The vast majority of them have spout breadths going from 10 to 30 mm and a wetting sweep of around 27-60 meter.

Utilized for flooding the enormous region in one time:
Rain guns are utilized for flooding huge field regions without a moment's delay. The guns water the land with least work and power necessities. While rain gun irrigation, nuisances, and bugs move washed away.
Accessible with a flexible fly breaker:
The customizable stream breaker permits bead size and effect change office for sensitive yields. It gives uniform irrigation.
Least parts to work the framework:
Part necessities are least and the parts are lightweight and tough with high workmanship. In this way, there are support prerequisites even after a significant stretch of utilization.
Accessible with exchangeable nozzles:
The tradable nozzles give the adaptability of irrigation to different yield and soil stags. Tradable nozzles are appropriate for a wide range of soil/crop stages.
For Irrigation of field crops for example Sugarcane, Wheat, Bajra (Sorghum), Soybean, Maize, Pulses, and so forth
In all around developed sugarcane, it is extremely difficult for the ranchers to shower in the inward field. They have compost tank and an endeavor gathering. Along these lines, manures and pesticides can be showered effectively with barely any work.
Tea, Rubber and Coffee Plantation:
The rain guns are highly appreciated by the clients due to their simple establishment, erosion obstruction, high performance, and various different elements. Subsequently these are exceptionally helpful for Tea, Rubber and Coffee Plantations.
Grub Crops and Green Pastures Another vital use is in Fodder and Green Pasture irrigation. It can cover an area of around one section of land by sprinkling from one situation in only 2-3 hours. With the versatile establishment, it can cover the whole homestead by moving the framework.

Dust Suppression in mines and Thermal power station
Rain Guns can be utilized for dust concealment in mining and its connected tasks. It accompanies a siphon set and high-pressure pipes which help in controlling residue.
The rain guns are comprehensive of a few parts. Every one of the parts are lightweight, solid and simple to introduce.

Primary Line Pipes
• Aluminum
Sub‐main Line Pipes
• Rain Guns
• Sway Type
• Pelican Gear Drive Type

• Mount Stand for Rain Gun
• Tri-Pod Stand

Fittings and Accessories (Camlock Fittings)
• Female Coupling
• Male Barbed Coupling
• Male Coupling
• End Plug

Kinds of Rain Gun
There are 6 Types of Rain gun:

  1. Sway Type
    • Accessible in 1¼" BSP Available in 1½" BSP
    • Female Thread Connection Female Thread Connection
  2. Penguin Pelican
    • Performance depends on ideal states of Temperature, wind speed and Humidity.
    • Accessible in 2" BSP Female Thread Connection
  3. Flamingo Rain Gun
    • It likewise gives a similar performance as Penguin Pelican.
    • Gear Drive Type
    • Accessible in 1½" BSP Female Thread Connection
  4. Captain
    • Standard Nozzle Size
    • Made according to ISO‐7749‐1&2 determinations
    • Performance depends on ideal states of Temperature, wind speed and Humidity.
    • Accessible in 2½" BSP Female Thread Connection
  5. Sailor
    • Performance depends on ideal states of Temperature, wind speed and Humidity.
    • Standard Nozzle Size
    • Produced according to ISO‐7749‐1&2 determinations
    • Plan Parameter for Rain Gun System
    • Square Spacing
    • D = D1 = 1.41G
    • D = Spacing of Rain Gun on Lateral D1 = Spacing between the Laterals G = Jet Length/Throw of Rain Gun
  6. Three-sided Spacing
    • D = 1.73G D1 = 1.50G

• D = Spacing of Rain Gun on Lateral D1 = Spacing between the Laterals G = Jet Length/Throw of Rain Gun
• The above are prescribed for Pipe Length of 200 to 300 mtr Length from water source. On the off chance that length surpasses the over 300 mtr, select the following line size.

Establishment of Rain Gun
Rain Gun on the Tripod Stand can be in a bad way straightforwardly or with the "CAM LOCK" speedy coupling fittings as displayed beneath: -
Safeguards to Be Taken While Installation and Dismantling of Rain Gun:

  1. While introducing, it ought to be guaranteed that Rain Gun sprinkler is appropriately fixed/screwed on the Tripod.
  2. The circular segment change can be made whenever expected, with the assistance of change rings at the base.
  3. The spout size ought to be as per planned rating while at the same time supplanting the spout utilizing the right instrument.
  4. While sprinkler is in turn, especially in the event of effect Rain Gun, one should remain away around 1mtr to stay away from any mischief from its quick converse revolution.
  5. In the event that it is moved on fast coupling, handle it with care and try not to slip of something very similar from hands, if not, not many plastic parts might get harmed.
  6. To make the bead size greater relying on the need of area/crop stage, utilize the diffuser screw for something very similar.
  7. Keep away from its more use, in the event of high wind speed.
  8. On the off chance that Rain Gun is non turning, if it's not too much trouble, contact the closest vendor to break down the reason and its rustication.
  9. The professional should involve the suggested instruments for the launch of various parts.
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